Penny Lane said it best ‘it’s all happening!’ reunify Yoga is opening up a studio in Ocean Beach as soon as April 2019!!

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Movements Begin Within


Welcome to a community of yogis; making moves to embody the most authentic version of themselves.

'What version of myself is that?!’you may be asking...

Picture you in your favorite element— surrounded by the world’s tallest trees, bathing in a jungle waterfall, surfing the oceans flow, whichever scene suits your vibe.

It is that fulfilling AND overflowing bliss we aim to reach on a daily basis. Those oh-so temporary glimpses--That’s the real you.

How do I get there regularly?  

There are quite a few different ways…One of them is a yogic lifestyle amongst a supportive crew.



Each day that we make the choice to incorporate yoga into our lives, we are given more information about our bodies and minds.

When we begin to fully understand our strengths and weakness, we move past what was once perceived as physical "limitations.”

{Translation: free the body, FREE THE MIND.}

With a little breath work and yoga philosophy sprinkled into an alignment-based asana (yoga pose) practice,
classes with the reUnify community open your eyes to all the good good around you and within you.

It’s always easier to give it all ya got in life, once you finally truly know ALL that you have — the inner soul cup runneth over!


Movements gain strength in numbers

One powerful human being in a room can shift the dynamic of 1000 people— have you ever seen the Dalai Lama speak? (if not, take a 5 min break from this and YOUTUBE).

Now, I’m not claiming outright that reUnify yogi community can one-up the Dalai Lama, but if a group of human beings who cherish their bodies and minds gather regularly…. they WILL reflect this out to each other and their surrounding world.

The more people that emanate that day-to-day steady flow of bliss, the more people begin to fathom that possibility. Simple snowball effect :)


Strong movements expand to lend a helping hand.

Besides the realness of a bunch of humans getting together and working through little kinks and knots in our own physicalities, we’re gathering to help others as well! reUnify aligns with different charities and offers a portion of each ‘Seva membership’ to certain associated charities.

In 2018, 30% of reUnify’s donation-based mobile class profits were donated to Thabarwa Meditation center in Myanmar and the well-known local Surfrider Foundation. Starting April 1st 2019, $3 from each Seva membership will be given to Sharda Yoga Center, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to enriching and developing the lives of under privilege children through art and yoga.

There are all sorts of different ways to unify on this Earth— it can be within and with others.


See more of the action:


Thabarwa Meditation Center

“Thabarwa Center is a non-profit humanitarian organization that serves a sanctuary for persons from all regions of Myanmar who seek refuge for care and attention and desire to practice meditation.

The center provides food, lodging and teaching for more than 2,400 yogis (as of February 2014) including aged persons, sick, infirm, blind, deaf, disabled, mental cases, homeless and helpless. Sanctuary is provided without discrimination or restriction as to number, time, age, health condition, nationality, social status, religion, etc."

I spent only one week volunteering at Thabarwa and the experience has changed me forever. It was incredibly eye-opening to be a part of a community founded on selfless service.


Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter

"The Surfrider Foundation was started in 1984, by a group of visionary surfers from Malibu, California. Today, the organization maintains over 250,000 members, supporters and activists with 84 chapters in the United States and affiliates in over 20 countries worldwide.

With nearly 70 miles of coastline to protect, the Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter is one of the largest and most active chapters in the world.  We are a grassroots organization, which means the people working to protect our local oceans, waves and beaches are volunteers who care about San Diego and want to make a difference."

The ocean sparks something in me that is undefinable by words. I stand by this amazing organization that does everything in its power to protect our ocean, waves, and beaches.

As movements expand, paradigms shift.

reUnify yoga has a bigger agenda than bringing downward dog to the masses.

We act locally, think globally.

When one person can feel secure that they’ve been taught the correct alignment and bring confidence to their mat, then BAM there it is! That expression of authenticity without the clouding of the mind or insecurities of the body. When we are all expressing ourselves authentically, this invites others to do the same. And so the movement strengthens.

In all of this realness, there is a natural drive to help our fellow humans. With this in effect, the movement grows. I am starting small by giving a part of the classes’  proceeds to different charities. In the future, I intend to inspire and organize groups of yogis to volunteer within our communities, or maybe even internationally. There are many ways to have glimpses of realized “oneness” or reunification— from the floaty feel-goods in savasana to volunteering help to someone in need. I just want to encourage people to be their best ‘Self’ because that’s when I’ve been happiest in my life, and I want that same feeling for everyone else


Living the High Life with Breath


Change your breath, change your life.

We often spend our days without notice of our breath— breathing shallow in and out of the chest.

Did you just catch yourself doing it right now?

This online video series teaches you how to use the full capacity of your lungs to breathe, but also how to bring on certain types of moods & energy levels with different breathing techniques.

The word Prana means life force, and often life force is equated with breath.



    Join Nikki from reunify yoga as she guides you through four sessions of Pranayama practice.


    1. Basics of Breath; Breathing Fully to Feel Alive

    2. Clearing & Cleansing; Breath Techniques
    3. Energizing & Enlivening; Breath Techniques
    4. Calming & Cooling; Breath Techniques


    Wherever you are on your journey, you can grow your practice, strengthen your lungs and get incredible mental benefits with pranayama. 


    This series includes four progressing videos you can watch anywhere you like!

    You will get a PDF with introductions to each video, and a link to the private video on YouTube.

    You can take your time to absorb them, or binge breathe yourself silly. You have access to the videos for good.


    Nikki Rae Bose - Founder &amp; Creator

    Nikki Rae Bose - Founder & Creator

    About Nikki

    Nikki Rae Bose here, the creative mind behind reUnify Yoga.

     I’m just a Chicago city girl that fell in love with the power of the Ocean 10 years ago and have been surfer-chic-living in San Diego ever since.

    If we’re getting all fancy about qualifications, I’m a 500 hr trained teacher, I’ve been teaching yoga since 2012 and used to have a full time job as a molecular biologist.

    I took an open-hearted leap and pursued yoga teaching full time after a 6 month journey to Asia that forever changed the way I perceive the world. Now, as of April 2019, I’m running a small yoga studio in Ocean Beach.

    Some people consider me an earth and ocean mama— I have that deep raspy voice that connects everyone to their roots but a playful energetic pulse that ebbs and flows like the ocean. I’m always me.

    Some days I show up to teach in a good mood, some days I show up to teach in a bad mood, and I encourage all students to express what/how they’re truly feeling.

    Move your body

    A donation-based "traveling" yoga class that promotes authenticity, a down to earth & funky yogi community.

    Mmmmhmmm thats right, if you’re looking for a community that strives to self improve and laugh at themselves along the way, look no further!!

    Two major perks—

    1)  Part of these donations go to one of our different associated charities.

    2) The locations in SD County are epic— check the schedule below and join us!


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