Nikki Rae Bose - Founder & Creator

Nikki Rae Bose - Founder & Creator

About Nikki

Nikki Rae Bose here, the creative mind behind reUnify Yoga.

 I’m just a Chicago city girl that fell in love with the power of the Ocean 10 years ago and have been surfer-chic-living in San Diego ever since.

If we’re getting all fancy about qualifications, I’m a 500 hr trained teacher, I’ve been teaching yoga since 2012 and used to have a full time job as a molecular biologist.

I took an open-hearted leap and pursued yoga teaching full time after a 6 month journey to Asia that forever changed the way I perceive the world. Now, as of April 2019, I’m running a small yoga studio in Ocean Beach.

Some people consider me an earth and ocean mama— I have that deep raspy voice that connects everyone to their roots but a playful energetic pulse that ebbs and flows like the ocean. I’m always me.

Some days I show up to teach in a good mood, some days I show up to teach in a bad mood, and I encourage all students to express what/how they’re truly feeling.