Press Release: More than a Pose—New Yoga Studio brings Service to the Mat

More than a Pose—New Yoga Studio brings Service to the Mat

March 30th 2019, reUnify yoga is celebrating it’s opening day party and establishment as one of the first yoga studios to design a membership program that funds different charitable foundations. After leading a mobile donation-based class that was giving 30% of donations to Surfrider Foundation and Thabarwa Meditation Center, Nikki Rae Bose is now opening a studio space in the sweet 60’s reminiscent town of Ocean Beach. One of the membership programs being offered is called ‘Seva,’ which means 'service' in Sanskrit. Seva members of reUnify Yoga pay a couple extra bucks per month, get 3 free workshops, and all of this additional money goes to different charities. The reUnify staff will also be organizing yogi service trips, emphasizing the non- physical aspects of yoga.


Nikki Rae Bose, the founder of reUnify, shares her valuable experience with volunteer work: “The short time I spent volunteering in Burma, at Thabarwa meditation center, opened my eyes to a group of humans that were all contributing through service to a larger entity. An entire community that functioned on selfless service— the nurses, the cooks, the construction workers— all giving their time to co- create this town. The word yoga means “union” and the act of ’Seva' reminds us that there is something greater than the “I, me, my” story. Giving back in whatever way you can dissolves those boundaries and points to the fact that we’re all just one big human family.”

reUnify Yoga intends to build a yogi community that truly wants to be of service, demonstrating that yoga is much more than the stretch and strength-building of a downward-facing dog. For the first quarter of the year, the additional money from each Seva Membership will go to Sharda Yoga Center, an organization that provides yoga & art therapy for different orphanages in Tijuana. Each quarter thereafter, the Seva members will be able to vote on a new foundation to ‘give-back’ to.

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About reUnify Yoga: reUnify yoga was started by Nikki Rae Bose, after a life-changing travel experience throughout Asia. She has been teaching yoga in Ocean Beach for 6 years and spent some time studying the practice in India.

The studio’s opening day party is March 30th 2019 12-5 pm and the first day of classes is April 1st (no joke!) .
With a little breath work and yoga philosophy sprinkled into an alignment-based asana (yoga pose) practice,

classes with the reUnify community intend to open your eyes to all the goodness around you and within you.

Find more info about reUnify Yoga
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